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I have a little something to add concerning carbon, water, and oxydation.
I opened up some more of my dry pure carbon cells that use only the aluminum capacitor cans, and beach wood carbon, and carbon rods, to see whats up with the lower voltage levels now. I found that there was practically no oxidation, so I look further and test the carbon rods to see that they are still conducing just fine. But, I find that by adding a few drops of water to the dead cells, they are brought back to life, again.
So, the carbon is not plugging up as I had thought, nor contaminating, nor are the aluminum cans oxidizing much (very little), but the carbon is simply drying out, even in hermetically sealed cells.
The few drops of water restored the cells to their ORIGINAL output levels.
I never added water when making the cells, so somehow the carbon is further drying out or the water is being used up, once inside the cells.
Right now I placed all my cells in a water bath, I wish that I had a little Alum to add to the water. Just to see what happens, but I don't.

@ Fausto: what kind of voltage/current levels are you getting from just carbon/sand cells, with no salts added? Have you have done that? And if so, how are they holding up?

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