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One other BIG mistake to avoid

There is another BIG mistake that I have made that should be avoided---not carefully recording the exact makeup of the cells and the steps in the build. I now have a cell that has run way way longer than it should have and I don't know the exact elements in it. It was a sloppy mistake. Trying to go backward now and guess what I did could have been avoided with a few notes on a piece of paper.

I wonder how many great inventions have been lost this way when the inventor made this one BIG mistake-----and then couldn't replicate the experiment.


PS----The cell is a copper / zinc alloy with (I think) epsom salt and calcium cloride--and maybe something else. The copper was heated red hot and cooled several times. Regular tap water was used. It is running a reed switch pulse motor and has been for weeks. It is probably a simple galvanic situation but it has run much longer than it should have. Two milliliters of water every few days keeps it going.

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