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I opened some few months old cells that I have running non stop without oscillators. They were cells using only alum + Mg + water.

They were totally corroded. I also have cells using alum with different mixes such as carbon and they are fine so far.

Alum with the wrong mixture becomes very corrosive to Mg. So one has to be careful with it.

I have made so far 50 or so formulas all variations of carbon, sand, alum and so on with different quantities and observing the results. So it is difficult to pin point so far if alum is the sole cause of corrosion. I think Bedini is right.

To give an empirical example, I have cells that are simply Sand, Carbon and Mg no alum. Probably (on top of my head) about 20 different combination of quantities and they are all running. Some run very well and some don't. Some corrode and some don't. The best so far combination has been 50% sand, 50% carbon with the grain not too fine. Very little corrosion if any and good power.

A little variation from that and it just does not work well. It is that sensitive. A little tiny amount of alum SOLUTION (about 99% water) boost the cells output tremendously without visible corrosion.

My Mg is not pure it is like 97% Mg and 3% a composite of Zinc and many stuff. So that makes a HUGE difference too.

Too much alum kills the cell, too little does not work well. Too much carbon does not work, too little either. Just sand works but the cell dies pretty fast, too little does not help.

Too much silica kills the cell in hours. So it is all about the relationship of each element and how they help each other. It is not just chemistry here. Much more than that.

Another observation is that when I have very little alum it grows much faster too its crystal structure than when just pure alum, very strange.

My best cell has been 50% Sand, 50% carbon, Mg with Iron Pyrite (1 mm tick around the Mg) using Sodium Silicate 40% as the glue. Water as much as you want and a tiny little amount of Alum solution 99% water.

This cell loves water while ALL OTHER FORMULAS so far hates too much water. Very strange again.

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