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Originally Posted by John_Bedini View Post
@All for those that think this can not be done. As I have done this many times. Just as an example I even dump out the acid in a new battery and change it to Alum, The battery in my Hot Rod is almost 14 years old and it does not corrode anything, so it works.
Sepp Hasslberger: How to convert a Lead Acid Battery into an Alkaline Battery
I can confirm this as well. Have done tests over the past year with LAB's converted to alum with very good results. I was going to start new thread about it. Plates are clean and batteries perform very well. I found quite easy way to get rid of acid. These converted batteries can run forever and I think they would work well as solar storage bank. I noticed that they can be taken down more than before (with acid) without any harm thous, having wider range of operation. I would love to hear your 2 cents about that John, since you have done more tests. I don't see any con's but all pro's in such conversion.

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