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HHO High Voltage Plasma Torch Detonation Heating

Let's have some fun!

HHO flame / ionized spark gap 2 - YouTube

plasma flame - YouTube

Plasma Electrolysis with tap water - YouTube

Pretty cool stuff eh!

Twin HHO and compressed air feeds to the same nozzle, with a 15,000 kV DC spark will create an ionised plasma and will also detonate Hydrogen. This Plasma Detonation Torch being submerged under water will transfer it's energy as heat and shock waves and the water will boil.

The positive gas supply pressure will create a protective shield to prevent water extuingishing the flame as demonstrated by hhoglabs very nicely!

The high voltage capacitor discharge event required to generate both plasma and ignition conditions is supplied by the gravitational field at zero cost to you.

The prime mover to stimulate a reaction in the gas composition is free as long as the water, which the gravitational field requires to work on, has a potential difference head. This is supplied continuously by the turbine, which being at a higher level relative to the centre of the Earth, will create a natural head.

The cost in moving water against gravity to balance the system, and to rotate the turbine to create the gas, is provided by the Pulsometer which is powered by steam. The generation of steam requires heat and so the input energy is now the same form as the output energy. This allows potential for a closed loop system.

The cost of producing the gas for the torch is in HHO generation and air compression (possible venturi option for the air, if there is sufficient HHO pressure to cause a vacuum, a HHO pump would be useful).

You build the infrastructure of the system in such a way that all of the necessary energy change conversions required to generate the raw materials for the reaction, are provided for, and the prime mover is a single source, heat.

The catalyst for the fluid phase change reaction is primarily gravitational, with conversion from potential to kinetic energy. The resultant effects on a water droplet, creating a static electrical field, that creates an electrical discharge event, that creates a plasma event, are all free to you.

This is how you can use gravity as a catalyst to create a plasma reaction, if the environment is right.

Fun isn't it, and you have a large selection of components, processes and systems to choose from... what can you make ?


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