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A word of caution

I am still doing testing on various cells. A couple of things that I discovered the hard way might help others avoid the mistakes:

1) When you are testing these cells remember that the clip leads or the probes from your meter can represent ONE OF THE DISSIMILAR METALS in a cell if it comes in contact with the cell electrolyte.

2) Some of my cells form a dry hard shell around the outside but are still moist in the middle. It gives you a false conclusion that the cell is totally dry. Think about how a tube of glue can form a dry pulg at the tip and keep the rest of the glue in the tube liquid. Same thing. The liquid water is sealed up inside.

3) Meters can lie to you. Something as simple as a bad contact point or a weak battery in the meter can throw a reading off. One of the main reasons that I built "Penny" was to backup what my meters were telling me and give me a better visual and audio way to observe cell performance.

Maybe this will help someone else and save some time and frustration.


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