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Look I have always used the copper treated and I have also always used very expensive magnesium in my cells My favorite cells are the Alum cells, I did not have any luck with Graphite or Carbon as I did not see what the group did with the power. The graphite has always plugged up and the same for the carbon. These are my findings. The only reason the magnesium is gone is some galvanic action is taking place. Now the only thing different is that I'm running My oscillator circuit which I know returns back to the Alum cell. But I think Fausto has said the same thing in advise he gave someone here about oscillators. The Magnesium if pure should not do that, unless you are using some contaminated water in the mix of which I have found to be true. What Alum are you using as I use the food grade only. I do not agree with Ibpointless about using jelly of any kind as that is not the answer here to this problem. I have not had that happen and we run the cell day and night. The normal rate of Galvanic action is around 1 to 2% in a bad condition but as this happens it changes the mixture and it becomes very caustic to the magnesium and it eats away very fast almost as if you added table salt. so as this takes place you should see good power from the cell and then it will just die.
The next thing is how could you smell that if everything was new , did you use a carbon pole from a old carbon zinc battery? If you did you have caused the problem. If you do that then you must clean it and bake it and clean it again. soak over night in hot water rinse the next mooring and do it again until nothing is left.
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