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Originally Posted by cgalvisardila View Post

Alum is pretty corrosive, most of the guys here are using a mix of epsom salts and Rochelle salts, read the past threads as much as you can, its a long read, but its sure worth it, also check for bedini's latest videos and Plengo's, he has good stuff too

Energenx's Channel - YouTube

Crystal Cell 19a - YouTube

Thanks cgalvisardila. We have been experimenting with Rochelle Salt + Epsom Salt Cells since we started, though we are investigating into other kinds of cells that are developing. I will go through all of the past posts the next time I get a big chunk of time.
Also, I did a quick google search on Alum a few weeks back, and apparently there are multiple chemicals that are alum, but the most common is Potassium Aluminium Sulfate. The one you used was corrosive, but are the others also?
I saw John Bedini's video on his kit that uses Alum. John, what's your take on this?
- Kyle Herbig
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