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Originally Posted by John_K View Post
For kicks last night I placed some Iron Pyrite in a bowl of water and measured the votage and current to see what would happen. Here's a video:

Energy from Iron Pyrite - YouTube

I couldn't get much out of two pieces of Iron Pyrite, but I had great results with one Iron Pyrite rock, some copper coated welding rod and just filtered rain water.

The other interesting thing was that after about an hour the colour of the water changed to resemble the colour of the Iron Pyrite. At this time I measured >700mV and >200uA. I'm going to try to run John B's oscillator on it tonight.

I'd post a photo but have run out of space here.

Now I just have to add the bleach

John K.
John K,
If I might make an suggestion, When those Two guys showed up this is what they said to do, Take the two pieces of Iron Pyrite and place them in this dish add water so the clip leads do not touch the water. So you have a shallow dish with a water bridge between them then measure again, you might have to move the rocks around. The motor was connected between the two pieces of pyrite. I tried to look for the motor they gave me but it's to cold in that outbuilding for me right now. I was going to give you the specifications of it. I'm also looking for the old VHS tape of the shack I had gone to visit. With any luck it will get a little warmer. Remember I said I thought that the iron pyrite was emitting sulfuric acid, was my thinking at the time. This has been almost 31 years ago so the details are faint but I never forgot what happened.
John B
John Bedini
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