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Originally Posted by Slider2732 View Post are still going fine and are reliable. I've never run out of bandwidth or storage space with them for the last 6 years.

@IB2....I took your petroleum jelly method and ran with it.
But, with galvanized steel.
Got a long runner here of plain water in a pills bottle, with untreated copper and galvanized steel electrodes. It's been running an LED oscillator since November (Nephilim Penny with her big pancake coils) and has only had a clean of the steel a couple of weeks ago. A rust/white residue forms on the steel, on the couple of these that i've made and did so on this one. Quick Dremmel to remove the sludge stuff and off we go again, same water throughout.
So I cleaned up the steel again with the Dremmel just now and put Vaseline on it.
Connected all together again and nothing happened.
I waited for 2 minutes, wondering about whether to replace the steel piece when, suddenly, flash flash flash it started up !
So, my question is - do you think the ions need to form pathways through the jelly and once they do, ion movement returns ?
This is odd, I get instant response. I don't know if vaseline is the same as the 100% pure petroleum jelly as I use which is just the Walmart brand. Could it be the galvanized steel that you use? do you get a instant response when you hook it up to a volt meter? Are you using just plain tap water? I used Epsom salt and salt substitute water to get more power. This is interesting.
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