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Originally Posted by prato_braun View Post
Thanks for the quick answer so we could use a normal oven to reach this temperature but i guess it wouldn'T be too healthy to bake cake in it again afterwards or am I wrong?

It's really amazing to see you guys pushing things further every damn week and I just wish I had more time for replicating and testing right now.
Can't get back to that for some weeks and the last thing we did was a stove top. Thanks to IB again, with your video we got it right after 8 failed tries.
I know it lacks in amps but we had the chemicals and I won't learn just by reading

Everybody keep it up this stuff rocks. Has anyone build the "cheap'n'easy" joule ringer and tried to run it from a single stove top?
Cause we just have fun so far but getting light out of it would be awesome


Glad to hear you got it working!
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