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Originally Posted by Pamela Vicik-Smith View Post
Grace, I am so sorry that your friend has transitioned. I can't imagine the shock of it, especially seeing how young she was.

I can see however that you know she really has not left you and your family. You realize that you have more access to her now than ever before.

She sounds like a beautiful person. It is only natural that you, another beautiful person, would have attracted her into your life.

I will be thinking of you and your family throughout the day with love.
So beautifully written Pamela that I could not think of a better way to say it than how you did. I just have to say DITTO! Grace, you are in my thoughts everyday too, and I know that you and your daughter are both feeling your dear friends presence and it was Jan's spirit who let little Sophia know it was okay! That is the only thought that came to my mind as I was reading this today. We are all connected!

Today I sat at work and read (between calls) the Power of Now by Echhart Tolle. I had lost the book and could not find it right in the middle of the book, which is kind of funny cause I was having trouble understanding it at the time. Today with perfect timing I picked up the book as it was right at my finger tips found in the move, and suddenly was drinking from it as if it was a cup of cool refreshing water! I am always amazed how we created everything just sooo perfectly in our lives! I hid the book from myself until the perfect time. I have known for sometime that we are all connected, but today at work while reading I really started to feel that connection. I love to read when I can read with my whole being! It is just soooo awesome!

Inika, the water healing is so very intriguing I will have to come back tomorrow and reread it so as to better be able to totally understand it. I think what intrigues me the most is that sense of fear it brings up in me! Oooooo! It just struck me sooo strong! Hmmm... A new area to work on for me, isn't that wonderful! I love when things like this come up for me!

Well Blessings All and HUGE Hugs

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