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I think you will find that battery one will hold its own. It is usually the second battery of the two in series (the one with the neg connected to the neg of battery 3) that tends to drop in voltage. You will get some charging of batt 3 and then it will level off. At this point the two batteries will hold level for a while and then #2 will begin to lose a little charge. This is when I will shut it down and allow my batteries one and two to recover. If you push it too far, they won't. The longest I have had to wait for full recovery is two days. But I have been running loads on battery three for "free" during the time it was running. My next attempt will be to switch my motor to between the two NEGATIVES at this point and see if I can flip the polarity of the batteries back the other way. Run it this way for a while, and then go back to splitting the positives again. Once that polarity has flipped and run that way for a little while, that's when we lose the ability of the system to generate power without USING power. Getting it to sustain the power production without using power requires a VERY SPECIAL battery in the third position. You need one that will still let current flow, but will NOT accept a charge AT ALL. Totally sulfated!!! This will be very hard to find. Possibly switching the motor to between the negatives and then back to between the positives will extend the power production window. I don't know. That's what I will be working on tomorrow, among other things.

You may find that this setup "fixes" your bad battery. I have 'fixed" several. LOL It really ticks me off!

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