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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
If that is a lead acid battery, I'd say it's an excellent candidate. I don't have any experience with having ANY success with other than lead acid batteries. There is just something about them that I don't think other batteries have, so I will stay away from anything else. That's my advice, but this is all about experimentation.

I got 10 batteries that were in the trash pile. Four of them I have restored to working usable condition using this setup. The others I am working my way through, trying to find a battery that will mimic my original setup. If you can find a battery that sits at low voltage and WILL NOT TAKE A CHARGE, you are probably least for a while. I think eventually it might even restore a completely sulfated battery if there is any lead at all left in the plates.
Excellent, thank you Turion! It is a Lead Acid battery. I found it in my house when I moved in, it was in an old security system control panel that hadn't been in use for years. I have been trying to get it to take a charge with my SSG for quite some time with no luck. I need to pick up a 12DC motor somewhere to run this experiment, but short of that, I am eager to give this a try!
I will see what I can come up with, and will post my results!
I am pretty excited to see what comes out of this, and thanks for sharing!

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