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I have used deep cycle batteries. They recover as well or better than what we are using. The reason I have been using the smaller batteries is because I want to see rather quickly that they are being drawn down by my loads, so I know whether what I am trying is working or not. With the deep cell it takes a while to be able to tell, just because they are so many amp hours.

And I need to make a correction here. I have ben using the 18 AMP hour batteries since the very beginning, not the 7.5. I have some of those, as well as 3 amp hour batteries, but it is the 18's I have hooked up. In the third position I am trying a variety of batteries. Sorry about that. For some reason I had it in my head that those batteries were 7.5 and it was Luther that pointed out to me that they are not.

I never work on this stuff on the weekends, and this was a three day weekend for me, but will be back at it hard tomorrow, trying some new things and continuing to work on my energizer.

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