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Hey guys, Great thread!
I am poking through my batteries for a bad one that fits the description.
I have been testing one for a few days, attempting to charge it up with an SSG then draining it with a small load.
It is doing some odd stuff, like reading over 12V when on the charge side of the SSG, but immediately after you remove it, it drops to maybe 2V. When I put a joule thief on it as a load with 3 series LEDs, it will run the LEDs and the voltage drops to less than a volt.
is this what I am looking for, or should I move on to another one?
(almost forgot to mention) it is a 12V 4Ah battery, and my run batteries will be 12V 7.5Ah, if that makes some difference.
I am interested in giving this a shot, and might start with the AA version mentioned by Stealth.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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