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Well I did not try the two batteries in parallel. Instead I tried the battery that worked after draining it. It worked for a while but then stopped and the voltage was at about 12.3v. Then I put it on a 2 amp charger and now it was taking a charge whereas before it did not. I think somehow it might be restored now. Then I tried a battery that had been in my car which I had replaced with a new one. After taking a while to start the motor, it worked for a while also but when it became charged it quit. Seems like you need a battery that will not take a full charge, but still has to be able to take some charge. Adding loads also helps
to keep the battery from taking too much charge. We need something that can mimick these qualities. Maybe a motor with a cap or caps, that can take a charge (at the right rate) and then send the rest into the load of the motor.
Maybe some kind of cap pulser like Bits and Bytes has.

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