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A few Observations what I got from bad Batteries.
When i charge them on a Bedini charger, my Rotor indicates if the Battery has less or more Resistance in it, with the noise what the Coils make.
Bad Gel Batteries have mostly less Resistance in herself. The measured Resistance is may different.
Once it happened to me, that one from the bad Gel-Batteries had little Resistance, and as I did start to charge it, it was like, the Current did break like through a Barrier and the Accu had less Resistance again, rised fast in Voltage and did not keep charge anymore.
At Lead Acid Batteries it looks like its the other Way around, once i damaged the Transformer inside a Charger, it did overhead because of the high Resistance from a LA Batterie, what was a few Years outside Summer and Winter.

But the Effect i see here seems like is, as if the 3rd Battery is kinda a Load, what change its Resistance with the State from its charge from low to higher, as more Current runs through,
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