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That is the diagram I saw four years ago, and what got me started down this road. The difference here is that this circuit requires you to rotate the position of the batteries. I'm saying that IF you have the right setup, you don't have to do that. IF you have the right bad battery and IF you balance the load on battery three with the load on the motor, you get some really, really interesting results. I'm not claiming to have invented this circuit. I'm just saying that people need to put some bad batteries in the third position and see what they see.

Think about this. It has already been proven that when you pass voltage from a higher source through a load to the lower source, almost none of that voltage is used. That's the whole theory behind the Tesla switch in the first place. But if that load ALSO produces or adds power of its own to the system, NOW what do you have? That's what I believe we are doing here.
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