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The Universe is a Potential Difference Engine...

The sink science turbine is really exciting and I have been working on developing the concept for a long time. It took that long for all the variables to be reduced to a simple system and that only happened a few days ago, when I told everyone. I also needed the sonic boiler info and energy creator's thread on PMA's, that gave me the missing knowledge I needed to finish the concept, and judging by the silence people either like it, or hate it!

Anyway, it has larger implications than anyone yet realises...

Remember the PLASMICS thread ? Well there I am talking about using the sea as a simple sea siphon. The thing about the sea is that it has a natural 1 bar of atmospheric pressure pushing down on it, and in addition for every ten meters below the surface you go the pressure increases by 1 bar... so... at a depth of ten meters you have 2 bar of pressure, and at 20 metres you have 3 bar etc...


So the simple formula is (depth in metres / 10 ) + 1 = actual pressure in bar
CalcTool: Pressure at depth calculator

The thing about the sea is that it is so huge, with such a large volume, that the mass flow rate for a siphon is for all intents and purposes, infinite. If you put 2 pipes side by side they will have identical pressure and identical mass flow rate. The pressure will always be constant, ie 2 bar for a pipe 10 metres below the surface, but the mass flow rate is a user defined variable. What this means is you can control the amount of water by controlling the bore size of the pipe, so if you double the bore size you double the mass flow rate at that pressure (approximately), you can also add another pipe with an identical bore which will be more efficient with less pressure drop than a larger bore pipe. This is not how it works in your tap, because the next door neighbour turns their tap on and you share the flow that is available, if there is not enough then the pressure drops to compensate and you both get less water (and you start banging on the wall and shouting at them for stealing your energy!).

So what I am saying is that you can for all intents and purposes tap as much energy as you want from the sea, at a constant pressure, just by increasing the mass flow rate of the fluid. Imagine two of these sink science turbines, side by side on the same tap performing as if only one was connected. Now imagine 10 of them, now 100, now 1000, you get the point ? Of course the sea level will drop, but not very noticeably we are probably talking millimetres a year at most and all the time extracting useable, exponentially expandable power. The water will get returned through natural processes anyway, more on that in a minute

The secret to this system is what you do with the water when you have siphoned it out of the sea, and run it through your turbine ? Here's the answer...

Sahara Desert - The Sahara Desert in Africa

Sahara Desert

Lowest Land Points Below Sea Level Map | Depression Elevations

“An important feature of the Sahara in Egypt is the Qattara Depression. This desert area is 436 ft (133 m) below sea level at its lowest point. There are several other depressions in the Sahara. “

So we can see that the lowest point of the depression is at 130m below sea level, and a siphon tube from a depth of 130m in the sea, going up and over land at sea level, and then dropping to the bottom of this depression will give us a pressure of 14 bar (196 psi) at a virtually infinite mass flow rate! This could easily run a large turbine acting as a power plant generator and produce substantial power.

There will be a limit to what you can siphon out of the sea, and that limit will be set by how you get rid of the water. The electrode boilers being 100% efficient can boil the water off with the power generated by the turbines, which will involve losses but will empty your tank for more water, this will also create a cloud seeding technology comprising of only natural water vapor. However there is also natural evaporation which is governed by temperature and surface area, the enthalpy of evaporation, so a very large area flat plate with a few mm of water on it, painted black will evaporate the water off by the power of the sun, leaving behind all the impurities, minerals, heavy metals, salt etc, all the valuable stuff!

Abundances of the elements (data page) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

<Gold from the Sea

Can Gold be Extracted from Seawater?

A simple sea siphon running in a closed loop (ie from the sea into the depression tank, and from the tank back to the sea will circulate the sea water at the cost of the sea pressure one way, and a relatively small pumping cost the other way). To siphon the depression tank water back into the sea the water level must be slightly higher than sea level. The easiest way to do this will be to use the same principle as those wave machines in the swimming pools, create a tsunami! Easy to do, just run massive HHO generators, detonate a big charge of primary explosive, a shaped pressure wave will generate a tsunami with a maximum amplitude above sea level. A correctly designed tank will transfer huge volumes of water into another tank that was already at sea level, and the tank will siphon back into the sea. Be a fun job to have!

If the sea water is below saturation point in it's salt levels, it will pick up the dried salt deposits on its way and transport that salt back to the sea. The sea salt saturation level now becomes a controlled variable. If the sea water is already heavily saturated run it through a pre evaporation chamber, and remove the excess salt and sell it into the world's economy.

A vacuum will need to be applied to the sea siphon and this can be easily done by using a prime mover and driving the turbine (backwards in effect) and it becomes a pump. Once the siphon is self powering, you turn the motor off and run the turbine from the fluid pressure and the motor now acts as the generator! Easy!

So do you see what I am saying ? We can run massive turbines like the power stations do now, but we can do it virtually for free, for ever, and we can purify the sea, and we can turn the sahara desert green, and we can grow food, and provide drinking water and power to the people. This can be implemented all over the world...

You could also get inventive, and use those deep sea oil drilling rigs to drill a bore into rock, which will fill with fluid (water) and be pressurised by the weight of the entire ocean above it. So as an example you can drill a hole 6,000 ft into solid rock, drop a siphon to the bottom, and the water at the bottom will be at 3,000 psi... quite an improvement on our 196 psi natural pressure!

The key here will be to excavate a deep crater, use a tunnel drilling machine to bore horizontally, and when you have laid a pressure pipe structure breach the wall and let the sea in. Then connect up your high pressure siphon. The pressure differential between sea level, the depth of the bore hole, and the depth of the power plant will allow you to exploit a much higher pressure than using natural depressions in the Earth.

Bit Tooth Energy: Oil well pressures - what brings out the oil

Pretty exciting stuff eh ?


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