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Just a quick update... New even simpler design...

We have the sink science turbine which uses the potential energy you have already paid for in your water bill, and turn it into kinetic energy by leaving the tap on 24/7:

SinkScience #01 -Tesla CD Turbine: Fun Science Learning Tool - YouTube

Then we have the DIY alternator that is magnetically coupled to the turbine:

Radial Air core alternator

DIY PMG Generators cheap and easy to make whit in a day!

I am going to aim for the 30 - 50 Watts version and see if the turbine can run it.

Then we can use the electrode boiler idea in the Peter Davey thread and wire the output from the alternator directly to it. As the stator coils and the boiler are stationary no problem! I am going to go with the Joe Cell kinda design because I have the pipes already and have tested the concept.

Peter Daysh Davey Water Heater Query

The beauty of this is that those folks wanting to experiment with resonance via altering the AC frequency can now do so by throttling the tap and are not stuck at 110 or 220 Hz.

The way this is all linking together is very spooky!

30 - 50 Watts is not a lot but seeing as it is energy available that is just sitting there doing nothing right now, seems a waste not to play with it. It is enough for simple electrolysis in a small dry cell, and it is enough to heat water if you wait long enough, maybe not boil it though unless heavily insulated.

Anyway I will leave that with you all, I need some sleep!


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