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talking about Fountain of Youth: a re post to remind you that there exist ponds that heal

Miraculous Mud Pond with Alien Healing Powers

People are flocking to wallow in the mud of 3 small remote ponds that locals in Peru believe to possess miraculous healing powers brought by alien space ships. Residents of Chilca — a dusty, desert town on the Pacific coast 40 miles (20 kilometers) southeast of Lima — claim that aliens altered the mud flats in town, infusing them with inexplicable healing powers.
The 3 Healing Lagoons
The “Lagoon of Miracles” which lies near the entrance of the town along with the mud ponds that surround it is said to heal skin aliments, acne, rheumatism, and arthritis with its distinct greenish colored mud containing minerals of chloride of sodium, sulfate, and carbonate of calcium.

The “Lagoon of Enchantment” is a crevasse in the interior of the lagoon linked directly with the sea by an underwater canal, sought after to heal ailments of the eyes, nerves, joints, and low blood pressure.

The “Lagoon of Mellicera” is believed to increase fertility and may be attributed for the unusually high birth rate of twins in the village. Locals use the lagoon to cure skin and bones aliments, and relief from diabetes.
UFO Sightings
Local doctors and scientists accredit these enigmatic and inexplicable healing properties to the UFO’s which have allegedly been sighted and well documented in the area that seemingly radiate the waters.

Mayor Ruma Nueda says, “Lots of people claim to have seen UFO’s and strange lights in the night sky over Chilca. People here believe in UFO’s.”

“Locals say that space ships come to harvest an unknown material from the [ocean] area off Chilca’s beach. The UFO’s supposedly leave behind substances that leach into the ponds and give them curative powers.”

“Townspeople cite an abundance of twins in Chilca — more than 100 pairs in this town of 10,000, as proof of the power of the ‘Twin Maker’ pond.” Nueda says.

A plethora of information can be found on the net claiming Peruvian sightings and film footage, with sites even dedicated to UFO’s in Peru.

also Principle of Correspondence Lourdes famous also as a Miracle Place:

William B Stoecker - Marian apparitions and UFOs - Unexplained Mysteries

In 1858 in the French town of Lourdes, on the meridian line and in the foothills of the Pyrenees, a girl named Bernadette Soubiros claimed to have encountered a "Lady" who referred to herself as the "Immaculate Concepcion" some eighteen times from 2/11/1858 through 7/16/1858. No one else saw or heard her. The sightings reportedly took place in a shallow grotto on a rock outcrop called Massabiele. A spring then issued from the site, and the other villagers, although they did not see the Lady, did report the sudden appearance of the spring. Lourdes, confirmed by the Vatican, became a popular (and profitable) shrine where thousands of people reported miraculous healings. The Lourdes Bureau claims to certified sixty of these as unexplained. Note that springs and wells are important in ancient Celtic, or Druid, mythology.
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