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the infamous cat and its tail.

honestly, that is one of the only grand stories that they have to offer, and one possible superconductive episode. there is a rumor of one guy supposedly overdosing and getting some strange mind power but it is not proven, not explained, and they hush you upon investigation.
i was on the Yahoo WG and O groups for two years without hearing one overly exciting story relating to their products. white lion, green lion, octaves, tibetan gold, etc etc etc. everyone has claims, but when you talk to real users there is nothing to tell. all that i heard were compalints to barry carter about why things were not happening as advertised, prices were/are outrageous, and nothing was explained properly. people were getting banned and moderated for voicing their opinions and fears, and the groups split up into pieces. im not exactly sure where those groups stand now, as i left because of inaccuracies, outright lies, inconsistencies, and big mistakes with history/chemistry/physics etc.

also, consider about gains and losses here.(finacially) im telling you the secrets of nature for FREE. i dont want a single dollar for any information that i share. im not even affiliated with the two sea salt companies that we advocate.
any two bit shiester that would charge to make a profit for a "theosis" or "ascension" product should be shot.(not including costs) o sure, they will give you just enough info to TRY and do some garage chemistry to make your own, but their own product is less than adequate as it is. what you end up with is a potentially dangerous product that has very unreproducable and unpredictable results. do you REALLY know what is being made when you lye burn a product? have you analyzed it under a microscope or performed a spectro analysis of the elements inside? if you havnt then you are playing with fire.

with solar sea salt, the spectro analysis has already been done and i believe that i posted some of them here for free. there is no chemical alterations necessary, no burn methods, no uncertainties.

and the reasons that i cannot reveal all of the info is simply because there are a LOT of leeches out there that will turn free things into a patent and then try to profit off of it. sorry but it has happened to us before, and it will not happen again. IF(big IF) we get around to marketing a product, believe me it will be at cost only.

please explain your exact(there are many) lye burn method to 10.78 ph, and i will point out what and why it is destructive.

(shhhhh a little secret, solar sea salt can be brought to an alkaline state naturally, without chemical burn methods)

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