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Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post
No, but you do seem to be touchy about it. Truth hurt or what?

So your point? Your are comparing apples and Oranges.

Maybe I missed the current output? Is it High?

Because I have seen it first hand, and a very little boost circuit did not make it.

The reference I gave for wikipedia is a valid basic Boost circuit just like the one you drew.

Ya as matter fact I have. I have also built circuits that emit cold current, (That gets cold), Negative energy (That grows through resistance) and positive energy as well as many other things.

You got it all wrong. You come in, make claims, show a circuit, and try to name it some fantastic thing. Well 8 years ago when I built one it showed alot of funny things to me. Taught me alot, but all in all it was just High frequency high voltage, with low current.

Now if you paid attention and would actually try what I told you might see another side to what your doing. You might actually have something different. I do not think so though.
I'll go back through the post and reread it. Maybe even give it go.

But as far as I am concerned, putting test leads in water along with your hand does not constitute a cold current. And your awfully touchy about someone questioning you, which is the typical behavior of an unsure individual who need a little recognition. You should calm down and address the questions before you continue to get upset.
I know engineers with 40 years of experience, they still cannot explain some of what I do. So your experience is invalid, and it doesn't get you any further ranting and raving about it.

Hey Matt,

Listen, I am a very upfront guy, so be it.

I did not like your previous approaches at all, too aggressive and requesting my answer to become a direct confrontation, am not here for that, and it was obvious you did not read my text at all ,you just gave a 'quick look' to my circuit ...and Boom...let's get this rookie...and I did not like that, it is simple, just like that.

I am putting behind all you have said here (Not Ignoring you) just, I do not want to keep arguing about silly crap both of Us here...we waist our precious time friend.

However, at the same time I do want to thank you!


Because You gave me just one test that I had not tried yet...and guess what?
It worked out beautiful and beyond your own be cold electricity.
The resistors as load by itself...never got hot at all, like it was not connected...and I increased the "Volume"(Frequency Input/ Voltage at output at 200V TO 300V, all way up...but there is more to it...
In Parallel I added a Fluorescent Lamp, and it lit it very the resistors were not there, just the Vmeter at output went a bit higher (@60Volts higher than normal of what it does with just the lamp (40-50V)...but resistors remained cold during all tests.

I tried different resistor Load to Output ...starting of course by Higher ones (4.7 Mega Ohms very low...100 ohms 5%...just beautiful!

But what I loved the that lamp could not be brighter because I will blow the glass up...
So, thanks again.

All other tests related to water resistance and shocks versus skin effect, I have done plus also a very clean Electrolysis in Salt Solution.
I also had lit a 120 V Neon with the precious colors of Cold Electricity dancing Plasma Ball of light around the neon electrodes, flickering, up-down, however, that happens only at very, very low oscillations at input...then at higher goes to normal Cathode-Anode bright orange illumination...exceeding normal illumination as with 120V AC.

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