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This type of motor design have many characteristics that others in the market do not have, one of them is the fact of Never needing to Reverse the Electromagnetic Fields Polarity in order to achieve rotation, the fields just Turn Off or Turn On, according to the Oscillator Signals, and I achieve this, by the Coils Design inside of them. This design allows that at T-Off of the Square Wave (Circuit Opens) Rotor Idles, and keep going for nano seconds by inertia and the last magnetic interaction residues to the other Stator Pole where then is reversed "naturally" or by what The Physics call Back Electromotive Force, and this is How the C EMF Assist instead of "Oppose" to rotation.
Hi Ufopolitics, Can you explain more clearly, maybe with a sketch how exactly
you utilize the bemf. Are you saying that in the off time the energy stored in
the magnetic field of the coils is directed to another coil of opposite polarity
or position (when the field collapses) to assist rotation?

The bemf you speak of, where does it come from ?

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