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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
Well, after this Circuit above it looks like a standard Bedini Circuit, as most use it,
only with a extra Diode from the negative Terminal from the Load back to Plus.
I had the same Setup once too, but could not say it made something very special, then I did take the second Diode out from the Load,
because of the backspike, what goes into the negative Side from the Load/Charge,
but maybe your 'Trick' happens someone else too, may the core-less Coils or the right Frequency at oscillating it.
Well, I found so far that frequency plays important role as well as duty cycle. However, for now I hooked up second battery since it is easier for me to monitor both. I think that driving bipolar in the right part of its curve will work well but fast diodes maybe essential. I had to leave for a while but will try to play with this tonight. Wave is similar to JB but "h" part isn't that clearly defined.

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