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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Thanks blackchisel97,

It is my pleasure!
Now, it was my complete mistake, and I am sorry for that!...the Battery was wrong, it goes just like Bedini's, or Diode at negative would not be doing nothing except to guard from Load back spikes ...that is a MOSFET N Channel(which is also not its symbol)...meaning his Source Drain side is negative, please change it if you could. thanks
Now the Bedini has No Diode on other side of L1 (Inductor, sorry did not do the "L"). And that is what I am referring to. To get JUST INDUCTANCE Voltage out of L1 or Inductor!!
The diodes prevent from our Input to get to output. But just the Inductor output.
That is the whole idea!!
Thanks again
I will redo this much better...just a question, how do you get this images so good on the posts?...the uploader just asks for Browser Uploads?
Thanks for your patience with me.
You can use Photobucket to upload pictures and "image code" to post them here using "insert picture" from editor task bar above.
Thanks for clarification I need to find some fast diodes. I'm using 1N4007 at the moment and MJL 21194. I used to work with vacuum tubes but didn't use mosfets yet.
I modified your circuit accordingly, hope you don't mind.


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