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My Motors got me to Tap into Radiant Energy

First, I would like to say hello to all of you, I am new to this site, so take it "easy" on me... I was referred here to expose about my findings by Mr. Peter Lindeman. Who I admire much, and got to read his articles out there on the web and agree with him in a complete way in his ways of thinking related to Free Energy.
To tell you first and briefly about me...I have been involved in Electro Dynamics since 1989, and have developed many different types of Motors and Generators from structural different embodiments, to the fields of electronics controllers and source converters of such machines.
In other words, I am not a newbie on this, Therefore, I do not make the typical errors and omissions of readings Parameters Required, or analysis of behaviors of related issues, getting or leading to the Wrong Conclusions... that's not me, I mean, I am not perfect either, We humans all make mistakes.

So here I go about this:

While developing one of the Types of Motors Generators Designs, I have been recently working on, and building different prototypes sizes (smalls, mediums and large), I was finding certain readings containing abnormal current behavior. And this type of Motor-Generator do makes more at output than what they get In. However, my point in this thread is not about the discussion of this Motors, but, I will tell you that I use the Counter EMF completely on assistance of the rotation, not against, like Physics says it always must, and that would be "impossible". This Motors are based on permanent magnets(PM) and Brush-Commutator DC types. And this is just as the development move into a higher stage, they will use other type of switching systems.
However, I had too intense sparks and got shocked outside its frame when I made contact with my hands and accidentally, touched one of the outputs terminals while in motion...I was working with a 36 volts machine...around 6.3 Amps Lipo Batteries, small, NO, it could not be such high shocks from higher currents, even the output been over 80 Volts...still the amperage was remaining around the input get that kind of Transients Sparks.
So, I started this search on them...trying to correct the problem and also the curiosity to find this wired source of energy...but then I found that I could create very Heavy Sparks and very robust and continuous by getting the two terminals I was shocked with, to short out...
Then, I took them apart again, went to my CAD programs, sketches, the 3D Animations...of Coils, Stators to Commutators relations...I mean dissect them in pieces.
And I really do not like to keep on going on the research part narration (basically because you will love for me to get to the point... ) and it was a lot of reproductions I made replicating the exact models, but at Static Configurations...
When I finally found the "Issue" I could not believe it...
My Motors-Generators (meaning 'essentially' their Rotor Coil Structure to Commutator via Brushes) were developing a "Behind my Wires" secondary electricity of a very ,extremely powerful characteristics running through them, at all times. Then I realized and understood, the times when I turned off completely the Oscillations of my Controller (I was using a Drain (Motor Negative) based on an N-Channel MOSFET's arrangement that I had designed and built) so that was impossible!...once that I turned off my oscillator chip from the Regulator side that feeds it, it kills,cuts, every single current coming from Source...and a small Electrolytic Cap was set on Input only, before Voltage Regulator stage. However it "literally" melted a heavy duty Mica-Copper Commutator to almost fuse it with the next ones. Before getting to this discovery, I would have never, figure it out what happened there.
This type of motor design have many characteristics that others in the market do not have, one of them is the fact of Never needing to Reverse the Electromagnetic Fields Polarity in order to achieve rotation, the fields just Turn Off or Turn On, according to the Oscillator Signals, and I achieve this, by the Coils Design inside of them. This design allows that at T-Off of the Square Wave (Circuit Opens) Rotor Idles, and keep going for nano seconds by inertia and the last magnetic interaction residues to the other Stator Pole where then is reversed "naturally" or by what The Physics call Back Electromotive Force, and this is How the C EMF Assist instead of "Oppose" to rotation.
This particular design allows the current to flow in a very organized and friendly flow that makes the consumption reduced to minimum values when rotation is constant, and even in higher acceleration times.
Not like anything else out there, where currents are in a complete War one against each other inside this Machines, whether being a DC, Brushed or Brushless or any AC Type, that because of the current natural behavior stays constantly colliding into each others at Positive- Negative Cycles.
Then I read Mr. Tom Bearden...about the Dipole Open, and all about the Free Energy concepts out there...and Nikola Tesla back in the 1800's tapping into Radiant Energy...and kept going..till I got to the essence of my Discovery...Then I could Not even believe it myself...what was what I was getting there.
I know many of you are going to laugh, I laughed myself...I did research the history all, my friends, because I do not like just to get my Lab results naked outside...I went all the way to Maxwell Lorentz changes of the Asymmetrical fields along with Albert Einstein...where they disregarded the Aether as been part of the Interchange with the Electromagnetic fields...then the Electric Engineering took a wrong course towards building the best way to keep killing this keep teaching new Engineers this are Parasitical and Transient currents We All have to Kill by "Choke", by Flywheel Diodes and Snubbers, and as many "Patches" (just to cite a few) as they could get their hands on.
But I will get here to the very bottom of this...discussion, or may I say 'Disclosure'?... I had found, it has always been 'present' between Us all, in every coil of enameled wire, in every inductor, in every Transformer, Motor, Generator, no matter type, or design...The Main Laws of Electrodynamics were sold to Evil...and we all believe them, we swallowed them...
And I really feel I am putting my knowledge and experience of many years at doubt here...with what I am about to reveal, and please, at any time I am trying to minimize, or underestimate the work of so many bright Scientists we have and had, and Engineers, developers, as all of You here, like me, looking for the Fountain of the Radiant Energy, The Cold Electricity or the Divine Force of Nature converted for our use as Energy Source...
It is the Counter Electromagnetic Force, the Back EMF, the one who "Opposes" very conveniently to our motors and generators desired motion we have no other choice than to keep using the Gas or Diesel Engines as Prime Movers to Generators...And Motors that do not have the way to compete to the fast and reliable Gas New Engines.
To all of You that are into Lab and practice work...that like to make your own things...solder, cut make weld..make electronic diagrams and form great circuits...that actually you do not need that much knowledge, really...just to make an Oscillator a Coil of wire (Core less [Plastic]is better than solid or laminated steel, but they will also work) and I will answer the reason why, during the thread on the comments) a couple of Fast Switching diodes...Meters, Digital Oscilloscopes(if you have it, if not some meters reads Hertz, you do need at least Two)...and let's do a very simple test...
Hook Up the Diodes to the Coil Inputs (No Secondary for Now, it works great with a secondary, actually even better, but for sake of simplicity, as a test only lets do it Simple)
The Diodes will be at BOTH ENDS of Coil, make sure you know which side is North and South at Core, according to turns sense (Right Hand Rule)...Ok, the Diodes are there to Block our Input to get out, so we "Input" our Positive-Negative Oscillating Signal before Both Diodes (DIRECT TO COIL), and we read outputs from outer diodes end...What they do besides blocking our current out, is filter our Radiant Energy from our transients, and parasites (hehe, the other way around right?)
Then set readers anywhere to monitor this system, set the Hertz Meters on Your Input Signal (before diodes) and also would be good to monitor your consumption with a Volts meter and Also the same Volts-Hertz at Output (make sure your meters have "Over Load Capabilities" (I melted a few chinese ones) or you will fry them, basically at output. Read Batteries or Power Source, and have ready a Load, I use Fluorescent BULBS (Self Ballasted) 120 Volts...65 Watts or Higher...or less, just be very careful when tuning the oscillations Up, or you will blow them, and they contain Mercury (Hg) not good for Human body...Now , according to the set up each one have..would be different, but I used Batteries, Lipo or Lithium Ion 3 packs would be like 36 volts (I have tons of Chargers and this batteries,...but others are fine too, I also used regular Lead Acid, even better they get charged within the system, since you guys and gals are gonna make "Overunity" here.
Below I will post a Rough Diagram I did to show my friends in Facebook and You Tube...
I will be here to answer any questions.
Thanks for reading me and excuse me for writing such a long post!!...but I wanted to express my knowledge, and how I got to this by complete accident... before dumping this 'Bomb' on you all!!
Have a nice evening


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