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Originally Posted by KimJ View Post
Hey there. No more whining from me I've decided. Just faith.

Anyway, Grace, a little while back you tested for some modules for me and now the time is up for the Ho'oponopono module. My other three you said I should keep for another month (Creativity in Workplace, 3M, and Successful Living 3). Would you mind testing for what I should switch from the Ho'oponopono to and make sure I should still be on the other ones? I have no idea what to switch to.

By the way, can anyone tell me an easy way to muscle test on yourself?

Thanks very much!!

In gratitude,
Hi KimJ,

I am testing strong that you still need to stay on HoOponopono just one more week!

The Modules that test strong for you are:

1. Take it off (4 weeks)
2. Mood Elevation (4 weeks)
3. HoOponopono (one more week) and then get on the Deserving Module for 6 weeks.
4.Inspired Luck and Good Fortune (4 weeks)

I am going to make a post soon, on how I muscle test and explain more. This will take some time for me so please be patient with me.

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