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Here are some of the pictures of the models I made. The cathodes and anodes go together and fit inside the eleven holes on the base. The tube caps hold the spacing of the cathodes and anodes in the top of the holes. This is the cell that meyer was using from his estate photos. I thought it would be good to try and achieve the same readings to test performance and establish a baseline. I have the rest of the cell drawn up in 3D but I did not make all the 2d drawings with dimensions yet. I am refering to the second base that fits over this base I posted. A top piece. Then there's a main tube that connects the top and base together. Do you want to see every piece?

As far as electronics we want to take the VIC and use the five coil setup with bobbins and ferrite u cores. We have someone who can program a microcontroller to actively scan the cell for resonance between the ranges 1hz to 10khz. I think once the sweet spot is found the scanning range will be reduced to a tighter range. Is this sweet spot related to a corona discharge as well? This will ionize the water molecule?

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