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Originally Posted by superman9976 View Post
As far as the gas processor how important is the corona discharge (the point at which the voltage is about to arc or jump a spark across the gap)? This is a method of how the gas can be ionized correct? What are the best wavelengths of light you have found to work best for your LEDs? Since you said you had an improved gas processor.

The cell I have drawn up is the one that stan had the eleven cell unit. I drew it up in solidworks and posted files on the RWGresearch site. I want to run some tests though with the cathode and anode 3/4" tube and 1/2" rod before going ahead and purchasing the Derlin or acetal to make the 11 cell unit. Have you run tests with the same tube and rod in your experiments?

You say that stan doesn't say much in how his stuff works and your right. I looked through all those docs in the past too. But did you see the component layouts on his circuit boards? The VIC and the GMS? This is the 1.2 gig file I am refering too on that site.

Did you ever wind an EPG? We got enough money together to build one as you can see on the site but have yet to finish the details. I donated some ferrofluid to try out. Otherwise we are supposed to ionize and magnetize a gas to push through it. We are planning on using a particle accelerator pulsing coils in the middle to move the gas or ferrofluid through the EPG.

Gas processor is the main component of Meyer system without that you can't obtain the right reaction, isn't the normal ionizer that you have in mind but in fact is an plasma reactor. About your cell please post design and only after I can reply to you. On internet are present GB of docs on Meyer but, believe in me, to the end the process is very simple and I don't understand why at today no one has replicated with success.
About EPG .. I suggest you to understand first how Meyer water system work and only after proceed to work on EPG. Regards

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