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Hi Bryan,
I know there is a lot of discussion over the exact atomic configuration of white powdered gold. The diatomic configuration theory seems to be gaining strength and makes a lot of sense to me.
White powdered gold is usually dissolved under the tongue to avoid the digestive juices as much as possible. I haven't heard of anyone suffering any ill effects from this method of ingestion. I'm not really going down that road so I haven't investigated it very much.
Ormus derived from sea water, or sea salt, is not claimed to be pure "ORME's", but rather possibly containing some. This is another highly debated subject concerning what exactly is produced. Nevertheless, many people claim from personal experience that it has highly beneficial properties. This has also been demonstrated by administering a small amount to plants, and even animals, that unusually high growth rates are obtainable. There was an experiment done with a large number of broiler chicks, by a company named Sea-Crop, where significantly better health and accelerated growth were observed using an ocean water precipitate.
Unfortunately, the real science surrounding these materials is sketchy. It also seems that anyone who does know a lot about these things usually isn't talking. It's sort of like "free energy"; as soon as someone finally figures it out it becomes all about non disclosure agreements. I don't necessarily blame them, it just makes it frustrating and difficult to really understand what is going on.
I'm doing some experiments with a number of these technologies to see if anything is actually what it is claimed to be. I have some plants that I am giving a few of these materials to in order to determine if they have an effect on growth. I am also ingesting some to find out what effects it has on me. I have made a few magnet traps, which definitely work. I have some ocean precip cooking on the stove right now, and I also have some magnetite kettles with water in them to see how that works.
So far the plants in my yard are thriving and I haven't keeled over yet. In six months I should have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn't. More great fun in any event.


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