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hello there.

white gold and ormus has been the center of my studies now for four years.
(that and cymatics)

monatomic gold is virtually immpossible to exist for more than a few moments in time. any company promoting this has not done their homework and is a fraud in my book.
because of golds outter electron shell, which is an odd number, it CANNOT exist very long by itself. it must pair up with another gold atom, which then makes it duatomic. Aaron was correct that their are certain cooper-pairs that can be made with this, but almost nobody knows how to do it correctly.

furthermore, when pure gold is consumed, hydrochloric acid in the stomach breaks down and cooper pairs with the gold and forms gold chloride.
gold chloride is poisonous, and that is probably why some people claim to "feel" effects when taking it.

David Hudson, Laurence Gardner and Barry Carter have badly mistaken what the Egyptians produced called MFCZT is. they assume that the gold powder the egyptians (and isrealites) made is from a chemical-lye burn method which is far from the truth. chemical burning of ANY elements, including most multi vitamins, bleached flour/sugar/salt, and other products actually destroys and alters the alighment of the coavalent bonds.
this is similar to using a microwave on water, which does almost the same thing. when water is mocrowaved, lifeforms that normally utilize water (all life) cannot recognize the altered structure of the bonds and will not be able to use it. you can prove this yourself by taking two identical houseplants and set them next to each other. in one plant you give it normal tap water only. in the other plant, you microwave the water for 30 seconds (thats all the time needed). watch how the tap water plant thrives and the microwave plant withers and dies.
the same thing happens with white bleach/burn/lye processing of elements or any compound, it becomes unusable to organic life.

the egyptians knew a special process, which was completely in harmony with nature, if fact they copied and followed the laws of nature to make a quantum-superconductive material. (at room temperature)

sorry, but i am not allowed to discuss the details of this process further. i signed a Non-Disclosure agreement in this regards.

hope this helps a little.

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