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Originally Posted by Dave45 View Post
Im baaaccckk
Im going to say it again its the electric field that transfer's energy not the magnetic field
with this understanding you can bust this wide open
just rewinding a transformer will get you twice the energy, add a couple of shorted coils, add resonance and bam baby you got it.
two primary's driven out of phase will be reflected in your secondary's

what Im wondering is can we drive the system with alternating current if so you wont need a driving circuit, Im going to study this and will get back to you,

I will find the answers and I will tell you all of you
Hey this is a great collaboration that I'm proud to be part of!

Thank you everyone for your input and hard work!

Now we've got the b@st@rds on the backfoot!!!

Since watching the Russian coil video where its moving, reading Dave45's posts and looking at his marvellous diagrams I am wondering whether anyone has a ferrite toroid, some wire, a plug and a socket?

I have all those things, if a number of people think this will work I will plug it into the mains to try. For now I'm looking for an 12v - 240v inverter.

Is this your thought Dave45? The electric field splits as current enters the primary and the magnetic element cancelled by the CW and CCW turns.

Therefore if the secondary is wound symmetrically then there should be no current draw when load is connected.

Can anyone confirm there thoughts on this idea please?

If resonance is not needed for a ferrite core power transformation and transformers that exist already are almost all wound so that they get hot and use amperage.

Makes sense really that the power companies want transformers to cost the most.

Am I talking sh@t or not tonight? lol
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