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Chamharouch, the king of "jinn"

Chamharouch, le roi des "djinns" in Insayen - amezruy / Traditions - histoire / Traditions - history Forum

At about 2,000 meters above sea level halfway between the village of Imlil and refuge NELTI (located at the foot of Toubkal), Chamharouch is a well known place of pilgrimage around the mountain.

This place, supposed to honor the King of "jinn", would have the power to heal people with mental illness. To get rid of its evils, the pilgrim patient must stay long enough. Some remained there for years, according to the words of one local resident. A huge rock, painted white covers, according to legend, the place came to collect the "djinn" Chamharouch. It is at this precise location, in a cavity beneath the huge rock that "pilgrims" to collect.

In the mountains, among Berbers, roam the trails jnoun mainly in the evening or at night. The jnoun are the demons, the spirits that take the behind, pressing to look over your shoulder. They accompany you everywhere. Sometimes your own jnoun (plural of djinn ) will take quarrel with those of your partner. This explains the sudden bursts of antipathy which sometimes overwhelm you for no apparent reason during a first meeting. Conversely if your jnoun and his family are friendly, so immediately you become best friends.

The jnoun attend preferably some places, the vicinity of cemeteries, sunken roads, desolate places. It is important not to let the bad jnoun in the house. Sometimes you will notice a door on the imprint of a hand-dipped in color. It is the hand that pushes the evil eye, clearly indicating "Keep driving, you do not want bad jnoun here.."

The jnoun are incredibly present in the life of every day. They mingle shamelessly affairs of the living. Sometimes they are bad but sometimes they defend the innocent and do justice to the humble.

A Boumalne Dades, the jnoun intervened several times. Mohamed told me the story. Mohamed is not particularly superstitious, or even truly believing. It is not one to rush to the mosque every call to prayer. He studied at Ouarzazate. But Boumalne in the 80's, he was a child, there was a warrant officer of the gendarmerie that was law and order. One day the police captured a man in the souk of the village. They dragged him to the brigade to make him confess his sins, actual or imaginary. There, they shut him up, he was brutalized.

And while the village sleeps, that the police are about to take exhausted a well deserved rest, the first stone hits the front. Others follow, a deluge of stones came from nowhere. The windows broke, the door cracks, stones fly in, the furniture rush in all directions. The police are trying an output, the gun battery. Impossible, you must take cover. Person on whom to fire, except those that arise stones flying from the sky, whistling in their ears. The next day, the accused is released for lack of serious evidence.

A short time later, Mohamed I swear he was there with his bike and he has seen it all, some time later, the sergeant was transferred to another position. He commanded a cart, he pushes his personal belongings, furniture. The bed just charge ignites spontaneously reduced to ashes in an instant the contents of the trailer.

Mohamed does not draw further conclusion that the evidence of the existence of jnoun. These are the jnoun who spoke to hunt and to continue their brutal vengeance this Warrant and hated.

chamharouch le djinn roi - YouTube

Toubkal Mountain

Toubkal Mountain in Blue...and Mouth of the Serpent Valley in Red

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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