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from: Elements of the Human Body/Pattern/Process

Originally Posted by llynch View Post

You are right. Instinct.
Since completing that spreadsheet many things have come to light.
Things like...
animals being disconnected from earth.
how Tesla's tower represents that.
the internal control systems animals require, born from that disconnection.
again Tesla shows the function of that and it's purpose.
how elements become other elements (called by many names).

But specifically regarding the spreadsheet, I believe it is representative of the magnetic fields. Based primarily on that it was NMR derived frequencies. I look forward to determing the relationship if any with the Emission Spectra of the elements.

Walter Russell's statement, roughly re-stated about the language of light being evident in the Emission Spectra of the elements rings a chord. That and his reference about 'thinking in light' has geared me toward understanding what the spectra means and it's relationships.

The fractal in itself is the most awe inspiring understanding I have gained to date. It reveals so much. Maybe I will discover it's representation in the spectra?

Mechanically Tesla showed a way to control the flow. There is a strong suggestion that there is something similar to the same function in humans. My first instinct is meditation. Meditation along with the bifilar circulatory system and the pulse waves created by the heart... discovery is a wonderful thing.

It does feel like the right direction to go with my level of awareness. Let's see what we find!
llynch, Excellent news

remember an image is worth a thousand should look more closely into the Magic Squares if you want to find the link....

Prof. Searl (Searl engine) worked with magic squares

John Searl Solution : The Law of the Squares

Magic Squares
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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