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Regarding the cooling effect

In the energy from the vacuum 10 video Bedini shows that outside of the kromrey converter, in close proximity, cold air can be felt blowing from the machine.

Milestone in magnetic cooling

This article I found is showing related research at the DTU nat'l lab. It shows that a material, when entering a magnetic field, emits radiation as heat. Then when leaving the magnetic field, the material becomes cooler.

It's a quick read, check it out. They're trying to use the technology for refrigerators that use permanent magnets instead of harsh chemicals to facilitate the cooling. But their trying to use them like traditional refrigerators, where they just blow away excess heat into your home/environment; and only the cooling effect is counted as the usable output of the device to keep the refrigerator cold.

The Kromrey converter seems to be the same device the lab is discovering, but instead of radiating excess heat, the coils intervene and radiate electricity. This way it does useful work on both cycles of the rotor movement between the magnets. One cycle generating electricity when entering the magnetic field. The second cycle generating refrigeration when leaving the magnetic field.


Check out that link for the design of the kromrey converter, its at the bottom of the page, labeled "G-field Generator". The version being discussed in the EFV video is similar to that picture, but the coils rotate instead of the magnets, so sliprings are needed to get the current off the rotating coils.
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