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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Hi Debbie,

The high acid intake that is mentioned is about having a very acid PH diet, etc... This would be from too much sodas, coffee, red meats, etc... that are very acidic.

Amino Acids are different from what they're talking about. The amino acids are basically building blocks for proteins.
Thanks to everyone! I wasn't really getting the difference in the acids. I'll have to give some more thought as to whether I'd be willing to stick with taking the Spirulina (in any form). I've yet to master commitment in the supplement department. So, if the success of PATHS is dependant on it, it might be a waste of my money to pretend I'll be different. My husband now puts a vitamin in my cereal bowl each morning.......but anything required several times a day just isn't going to happen!

Thanks again to all of you for your great replies!
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