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I'm no nutrition expert but I will try here.

Amino acids = protein.

We don't recommend steak because the simpler the food, the easier is is for you to break down.

PATHS gets your mind working harder than it's used to. You want to let it make all the new neuro connections. We don't recommend extra amino acids to everyone, just those on PATHS bc it's like our minds need more fuel.

Many people start PATHS thinking they aren't going to need the extra aminos. Usually they end up taking them. A telltale sign that you need them is if you are awake but you feel like you just can't wake up in your mind. It's run out of the fuel it needs for all the new info it is "learning" from PATHS.

(I was actually the opposite, I started taking spirulina before I started PATHS just to see if it caused changes by itself. I didn't notice anything there.)

Afa blue green algae is possibly a better amino acid source than spirulina, but spirulina is a little less expensive.

Me and a few others here have come to like a liquid afa blue green algae because we tired of taking pills. I like the E3 Live agave sweetened stuff :

E3Live Home Page

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