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SSG Self Charge

Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
Yes. One thing you have to remember; you cannot close the loop. If I can use comparison to snatching piece of cake from the table It is good idea to turn the light off so no one can see it. Similar principle here. Circuit cannot "see" this operation. In other words, you can collect the charge (in capacitor) and pulse back to the primary battery but this has to be done when the primary is disconnected. It has to be timed well and I would suggest using converted negative (bridge rectifier on the output not just a diode). Mysterious S1 switch on many drawing by John Bedini is not for powering system on and off but to be closed for very short time in the right moment. When the power is disconnected from the input collected charge can be pulsed over the primary source without causing too much confusion among ions. Same idea can be used with window motor. Collected charge can be used to pulse secondary or primary battery. Bipolar switch can be used for SSG and window motor.

So can this be done automatic with a small circuit switching?
Thanks for response.
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