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I have been studying Russell for a few years now and I have to admit, I had and some times I still have these kind of problems:

Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
I don't think it's so much the content, but the language It takes me about 5 minutes of reading and re-reading to get through 2 or 3 lines
Originally Posted by dambit View Post
The problem with Russell's work is that he was trying to convey concepts that there were no words for. He had to devise his own terminology and that is why we have trouble understanding. Also, he writes in the old style and many of the more common words had a slightly different meaning than they do today.
By far, I'm not a guru in Russell's work but what I learned for sure is not to rush and take it slow. Even Walter Russell tells it several times in his Home Study Course. It is required thinking not reading with the finality of memorising. This is why I shared with you before his call:

Originally Posted by Walter Russell
Your main object in life is to THINK and KNOW, like a creator not to REMEMBER and REPEAT, like an automaton.
"New Concept of the Universe" seemed to be easier to read and personally I believe the reason is because is written as an open letter to "Academia". Russell uses the human nature to prove his points, and this human characteristic is being judgemental. He plays the string of Ego to trigger the curiosity of scientists. Having doubts that he succeeded, I suspect he was more effective with the regular reader who found this book "juicy". The same human addiction - being judgemental this time towards the "badged scientists" - makes this book easier to read. Perhaps. This is just my opinion.

However, Walter Russell was also a philosopher and philosophy is better communicated through symbolism of ideas rather than narration which is prone to memorising.

Certainly, Russell is not as easy as a casual reading. The purpose of casual reading is relaxation, decentration (although I believe there are better ways to accomplish that).

Reading his writings requires work, effort, concentration, action. Generations of conditioning of our minds are not going to be wiped out easily. Undoing our old way of thinking (which seem more appropriate for a small talk at the pub) driven most often by our fears or egos, requires this effort.

With regard to his archaic language, I found his Home Study Course easier to read. As I said, the same was with "New Concept of the Universe" and maybe "Atomic Suicide?".

Nevertheless, because of the range of information, I found a better choice the "Home Study Course - 3-rd Edition - Revised and Expanded". I know, it is ridiculously expensive and I mulled on the idea of purchasing it for years. Now I don't regret the expense and I could recommend buying it to anyone who thinks seriously studying Russell. Now, don't think I'm playing your Ego to buy it. Just honestly consider why would you purchase it and if you would find it really useful not just for free energy research but rather as a way of life.

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