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Thanks for starting this thread!

I would quote Walter Russell with my first realisation of his truths: the difference between information and KNOWLEDGE. I always was wondering how can we humans progress with only what we have been thought in schools. As humans, we tend to forget, omit. In time what we consider knowledge is destined to be lost with the pass of every generation.

My only interference in his own following words are between square brackets and are meant for clarification only.

Originally Posted by Walter Russell
Teachers can never teach you to be a poet, musician, artist, inventor, or creator of anything.
God is the only one who can teach you to create .
A teacher can tell you how to give a material body to your concept, but only God can give you your inspired concept.
In other words, a teacher can give you a technique for expressing your idea, but he cannot become your Soul from which your concept extends.
If the teacher can reinspire you with his inspiration, that inspiration of his, reflected in you, awakens the sleeping genius which is within you, but no one can teach you that.

Remember, however, that technical information [books, manuals, patents, information passed by teachers, friends, etc.] is not knowledge. Knowledge is of the Soul.

... an electric machine can remember information recorded upon it electrically , and it can repeat it countless times with accuracy. The electric machine is sensed (wired) for that purpose. It is a body without a Soul.
Many humans are but electric machines which remember and repeat information recorded upon their senses. That means that God-awareness in them has not yet been awakened.
That is what we mean by saying that teachers can give you techniques but only God can awaken the Light of cosmic inspiration in you [Light of knowledge].
Thank you again for opening this thread and I'm looking forward to read anyone's inspired words, or quotations.

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