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Lightbulb Short Intro

Others have already done a good job of posting his work on here, including MonsieurM, whom I think I have to thank for introducing me to his work in the first place.

Also, there are other philosophy sites which have discussions about him, so would like to make this as practical as possible.

For those new to his work, I strongly recommend reading the book "The Universal One"
I have been reading it recently, and have also started reading "New concept of the universe", and also plan on reading "Atomic suicide"

In his book, he describes how everything, matter, light, mind, God, is one.
So you could call it a unified field theory.
Also he has his own periodic chart of elements that fits perfectly onto a spiraling wave.

I do realize that this description is probably inadequate, and hope, if nothing else, that you will not judge his work from what I'm saying, but rather, check for yourself.

Please do PM or message me if you would like to update this short intro.
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