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Solar storms 'sandblast' moon's surface - Technology & science - Space - -

Violent solar storms can blast a surprisingly large amount of material off the surface of the moon, according to a new NASA study.

Researchers used computer simulations to examine how sun storms and eruptions of solar plasma, called coronal mass ejections (CMEs), can significantly erode the lunar surface. These tumultuous solar storms could also result in atmospheric loss on planets such as Mars that are unprotected by a global magnetic field, the scientists said.

This is the first time that researchers have attempted to predict the effects of solar storms and CMEs on the moon.

The team of researchers is based at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and the scientists are part of the Dynamic Response of the Environment At the Moon (DREAM) team within the NASA Lunar Science Institute.

"We found that when this massive cloud of plasma strikes the moon, it acts like a sandblaster and easily removes volatile material from the surface," William Farrell, DREAM team lead at Goddard, said in a statement. "The model predicts 100 to 200 tons of lunar material — the equivalent of 10 dump truck loads — could be stripped off the lunar surface during the typical two-day passage of a CME.

Total eclipse of the moon this Saturday - BlogPost - The Washington Post

Prepare to get to bed early on Friday. Saturday morning will see the last total eclipse of the moon until 2014. The moon will pass into the Earth’s shadow starting at around 6:30 a.m. EST, appearing a ghostly red over parts of the Earth.
Because of the Earth’s rotation, South America will not be able to see the eclipse and East Coasters will have to make do with seeing just the beginning of the eclipse. Most of the rest of the United States and much of Europe will be able to see the eclipse as the moon sets in the former and rises in the latter. The best viewing will go to Australia and Asia. It will peak at around 6:32 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.
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