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Apples and Oranges

Originally Posted by ibpointless2 View Post
I bought the video to see if your ideas would help to explain the effects I see in the batteries I make. You said " I have never seen one book explain the action of a battery as "one metal gives up it's electrons to the other metal". That explanation is "mysticism" for sure!" --- this is very interesting to me.

I spend most of my time now in the Bedini Earth light thread where I make crystal batteries. I've made a crystal battery that really don't make sense, because it charges itself. I even shorted one test cell out for 3 months and within 2 days it was back to normal working voltage all by itself.

You say that the battery is a fuel cell, when it creates water it creates electricity. But what if the battery lacked a liquid median? What if the batteries electrolyte was completely dry and no water is formed? My confusion stems from my work with my crystal batteries. My crystal batteries work by a dry median, they produce power and never create water nor do they need water to run. I'm wondering if the power that a battery gives comes from something much different? I don't mean to sound crazy.
Dear Pointless,

The so called "Crystal Battery" that John Bedini has taught you how to build is NOT a BATTERY in the classical sense. My lecture is about the chemistry of the Lead-Acid Battery, which is an electro-chemical storage device. What John has shown you how to build is a "semi-conductor device" that converts some kind of ambient energy (gravity, heat, whatever) into a potential gradient across a semi-conductor junction. The energy can flow in one direction, but it cannot flow back. This allows the natural oscillation in the ambient energy to produce an electrical "bias" that is converted into a dipole.

As you say, you can short the cell out, but once you open the circuit again, the potential difference returns. This is not the action of a battery. It is more like a solar cell, except that it operates on a different frequency of energy other than visible light.

Don't confuse the two, because they are not related.


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