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Originally Posted by Zero_Point_Research View Post
PBS has a great site about Tesla that hardly know one knows
about. It shows great detail in his work and findings. Even a teachers section to place him back in history!

PBS: Tesla - Master of Lightning
Enjoy it!

Nice website and I am happy they are going to try and put him back into our history books ! I never even heard of him in high school but they talked aLOT about Edison.

BuT I do have criticism. It seems to be mixed with a lot of disinformation. They play up things that Tesla may have said on a whim and make him sound a little crazy. The Colorado experiments are totally miss represented and no mention is there of him finding free energy. They simplified it to "amazing electrical displays." Because of the internet many people have learned of Tesla and it seems the main stream media is trying to create a black legend around him like the movie last year about magicians. They made the Colorado experiment seem to be about cloning people. I know it was fiction and people don't believe he did something like that but it just makes things more unclear.
I didn't read the whole site but at least Tesla won't be unknown but which is worse being unknown or misinformed?
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