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That's the Point....

Originally Posted by ibpointless2 View Post
Ok so i bought a copy of the video and watch it today too. The biggest thing i got from the video was that lead acid batteries are like Fuel cells. The making of water is where the electrical power comes from. The charging of a battery is electrolysis and is splitting the water up and sending the hydrogen and oxygen to there desired plates.

So when a battery is fully charged does it lack water in the electrolyte?

This whole thing about the battery making water to make electricity is still a little confusing to me. When i think of a battery i think of two different metals in a electrolyte. One metal gives up its electrons to the other metal thus we have power. The metals want to be at equal electrons.
Dear Pointless,

You are only confused because you cling to your earlier beliefs. My lecture clearly lays out the known facts and the accepted chemical formulas for how the battery works. I have never seen one book explain the action of a battery as "one metal gives up it's electrons to the other metal". That explanation is "mysticism" for sure!

When the battery is fully charged, there is LESS WATER in the electrolyte, YES! This is measured as a higher density of ACID. Why is this difficult to understand? It is measurably true and expressed clearly in the chemical formulas in the books.

Don't be hard on yourself. Your confusion will eventually dissipate. Just watch the film a couple more times. You'll get it! It took John and I a while to grasp this as well.

Good luck,

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