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With PATHS, the user sits down at a computer and logs into a website with their own user name and password to experience the first quantum part of the technology. A customized theater presentation downloads to their computer, which corresponds to the modules they have chosen to receive benefits from. The modules can be anything from anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, increased sports performance, better memory, increasing synchronicities, boosting intuition, boosting gratitude, increasing self-esteem and confidence or almost sixty other modules. The sleep module is automatically included with every customized presentation because we all know how important it is to get deep, restful, productive sleep.

The person using PATHS will watch the theater presentation for three minutes per module. These visual and audio theaters include cues targeting the person’s subconscious mind. The subconscious mind recognizes that the theater is specifically for them and nobody else. The subconscious mind then downloads millions of instructions corresponding to the modules chosen and then the presentation is over.

Over the next seven days, on average, the person’s brain has assimilated and built new connections corresponding to the instructions that the subconscious mind received. The best analogy of how this is possible is that you could send one hundred pages to a printer all at once. The printer stores it in a memory. Then, the printer prints one page at a time, as it is able. This is like the brain forming new neural connections to correspond to this information, as able. Since this process urges the mind/brain to work at a higher level, there are more readily available amino acids needed by the brain to create the neurotransmitters and build connections. Spirulina or AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae)[10] seem to be the most effective amino sources for this purpose.

The other quantum part of PATHS is the hardware booster. This hardware is receiving the instructions for the modules customized for the user with their name, birth date and birthplace. The instructions for the modules that are sent to this hardware booster are disordered and transmitted directly into the Aether or subspace.

Once the information is transmitted into the Aether, the person’s subconscious mind will link up to this information that is connected to the person’s unique identifying information and will download this information. The subconscious mind of the person using PATHS will take this information, store it and the brain will assimilate it by forming new neural connection corresponding to the data. Because the information is downloading at such a high rate in such a short period of time, this forces the brain/mind interaction into a higher level of operation that the average human brain/mind is normally operating at. PATHS is the only subconscious mind technology in the world applying the concepts of Time Compressed Energy.[11]

There is one very significant difference between PATHS and the QXCI or other similar technologies and that is the fact that PATHS does not operate in any way, shape or form with frequencies. The hardware booster is transmitting the information sets in an analog of the so-called Universal Language that the subconscious mind innately operates in. This is probably the single most profound and significant advancement in the science of consciousness in the last one hundred years or more!

What is this Universal Language? If you were to think in your mind in your own verbal language, “Move my right arm,” your right arm would move instead of an unintended part of your body. If you thought this in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Swahili, German or any other language, the result would be the same. For the fact that the biological physical response is the same no matter what verbal language the intent was formed in, this shows that there is some innate language or communication between the conscious thinking mind’s intent, the subconscious mind and the ability for the subconscious mind to carry this message on to the body to invoke a physical response.

The PATHS RDT hardware booster is transmitting this information into the Aether not with frequencies, but by a proprietary principle that has an effect that the subconscious mind already recognizes at its own language with virtually no translation needed.

By communicating more directly with the subconscious mind in this manner and at the huge repetitious cycle that RDT utilizes, the results are realized in a very fast manner that most people are unfamiliar with.

How long does it take people to internalize and actualize the concept in the book Think & Grow Rich[12] or any other mindset philosophy for Law of Attraction[13] or anything similar? Most people do not apply what they read, as it is only information and data at the basic level. Few people take these concepts on wholeheartedly and apply them with gusto. Even fewer get the results they are expecting. For the average person caught in the day in and day out routine that most of us are familiar with, it really does take quite a bit of energy to really take something on to get the most out of it that we possibly can. Even using “brainwave soundtracks” with affirmations takes fifteen hours a month! Who has that kind of time to get partial results a few months down the road, if at all?

Even though PATHS is not a magical cure all bullet for everyone, the results are quicker than just about any other method. You can log into a website to watch a theater presentation for 3 minutes a week and your subconscious mind downloads massive amounts of information in regards to the mindset of Law of Attraction principles or whatever else you want to benefit from. Over the next week, your subconscious mind is feeding this information to your brain for processing at a very rapid rate in addition to your subconscious mind locking onto this information in the collective to assist the learning process. Before you know it, you notice that the negative thoughts are disappearing, you have a more positive outlook on life, things are flowing better for you and you seem to have developed a knack for attracting to yourself those things that really matter most.

That is only one example of how PATHS RDT technology can work for you partly through the amazing proven concepts of quantum physics and the application of it to consciousness as demonstrated in this very profound way. There are countless other benefits of using PATHS: skin rejuvenation, boosting self-esteem, increasing gratitude, experiencing unconditional love, increase sports performance, improve mindset for money, accomplishing your goals, increase business productivity, boosting intuition and many other modules.

The next time you think, “What’s so Quantum About PATHS?,” just think back to all the scientific research that has proven the concepts. Also, consider that you get to benefit right here right now simply by having a connection to the Internet.

Aaron Murakami

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Aaron Murakami

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