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from: The Dwellings of the Philosophers Fulcanelli

This important point, where the elements and the principles of the highest knowledge are
concentrated, could not be search nor encountered in life, as life is within is, as it radiates
around us,
as it is familiar to us and as it suffices to know how to observe it in order to
grasp its different manifestations
. It is in death that we can recognize it, in this invisible
domain of pure spirituality, where the soul, liberated from its bonds, takes refuge at the
end of its earthy stay; it is in nothingness, this mysterious nothing which contains
everything, the absence where all presence reigns, that it is proper to search for the
causes, the multiple effects which life is showing us.

You have experienced this if you ever met a pregnant Woman, you have felt the glow /aura

what do you think that is

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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