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a necessary repost The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus applied to electromagnetism

Originally Posted by petar113507 View Post
I agree. It's time we understood our souls -- our body's recording system. It also relates to the "golden tractate" in that the substance/form which we are looking to create/produce, seems to be like quite the turbo supplement for our soul's unfolding....

Further clues that it is about the noble gasses somehow. I don't know how exactly, but they keep popping up everywhere that I look. I can only share what I know -- I hope this makes things "click" for you.

Russell's law of crystalization embodying a different facet of its "fractal" meaning:

I wanted to better understand this, and so I seek. I am seeking, and so I am finding it. I've also been curious as to what russell meant by thinking in light -- being able to think in the "universal language".

I've been recalling when I was younger -- learning to use both sides of our body is not remarkably difficult to learn how to use in conjunction. It requires a little bit of co-ordination.
What the heck does that even mean? I've almost forgotten how I got co-ordinated in this body.
I remember seeing a baby oogling at his hands, and as he marveled at them -- how they worked -- how he could seemingly only have one side flexing according to his desire at once. Eventually he learned how to move both, of course -- but I'd actually forgotten what it was like to be dumbfounded and in awe at how my hands worked!

If our bodies are electric puppets -- the tesla coil analogy brought up the idea

How big is that field? I mean -- if what I regard as "me" as outside my body....

How was that baby moving its arms? It was learning -- adapting -- localizing more acute records of how his "mind" was piloting his body. And how does a baby moving its body have "harmony"? Isn't harmony a superimpositon of different frequencies?

And then Russell, again...
Oh, how you tickle my brain into remembering old, and new things....

And so -- our piloting mechanism is above our bodies. When concentrate that "field" inside our bodies, we are "awake". The abillity of that field to command our bodies in different ways is a matter of very precise, fine signaling.

And so, I look to the sky. Many "common sayings" hold a lot of truth to them, if you consider them in this light.

"that idea came out of the blue" (Think -- where did that idea's form ACTUALLY come from? Someone was probably being pretty honest in their sensing of how the idea came to them.... )

"they were giving me weird vibes" (How can you feel the "vibrations" piloting their decision making mechanism -- by interference with "your" body's piloting field)

"You seem kinda spacey" (Your awareness is not concentrated to a sufficient density in your body for you to be "present")

When I saw the Russell picture -- I was immedeately reminded of the concept of the "unconcious mind". I don't know about it being unconscious at all -- I think that's a bad word. Perhaps "Inner self" is a better word for the all-intelligent taproot of consciousness extended to each of us. Regardless, I have asked "it" to give me positive signals (tingles down my spine -- rushes of energy) when it detects something that is useful to me.

(I've learned It likes to work with you -- as it has been working with you whether you like it or not.... Might as well try to speak the same language as it)

So, I asked "myself" what it meant when you "decentrate" your awareness out of your body when you meditate -- I got a simple picture. That field would retract itself from your sensed body, much like a pilot can step out of the cockpit of an airplane....

Ever seen anyone fall unconscious?
Ever done it yourself?
Did you notice any colors upon the exiting of your body or a "flash" before?

I've been thinking about harmony -- and music -- how what everything that we do is also apart of "the music of the spheres" (keeley) It's pretty wild. It makes me see how everything is really beautiful...

Think of the incredible tenuity which your consciousness (that feild) posesses to be able to relax back into a "0" or "null" form (to have a blank mind, or still mind), and then spring into a form, to assume an image in your imagination -- then back to rest again. That happening every time your neurons fire and form a thought -- is pretty amazing.
It's your own cosmic themesong, playing right into your antennae...

I find myself writing another long winded post -- So I'll wind around to some of the points I wanted to originally go over...

Why is "all mankind one"??

Well, our senses might not have grasped it yet -- but those sparks above us are definitely apart of our piloting mechanism. Are we really selfish enough to think that ALL those sparks in the sky are JUST for a SINGLE human? That's insanity to think that way.

If you can see the sparks -- I'll show you subjectively. If not, bear with me for a moment... The range within which we can see those "sparks" also somehow has to do with internal voltage pressure -- like the anti gravity conditioned field/chemically accelerated reaction zone -- "making invisible light, visible".

If you can focus real close to your body -- maybe seeing the white sparks within five feet of your hands -- try to jerk your fingers around a little bit in abrupt impulses.
(Hint: It's easy to see them up close on a cloudy day, when they're hiding from the sun)
Relax your muscles in between each impulse -- you might be able to see that your muscular twitches make the white sparks "dance" about quite well. If you flex different muscles hard enough -- you can get them to dance above their normal "agitation movement rate" by your "invisible body" -- its signaling intereference from quite a distance away....

The sky is the limit...

Dually noted -- if you can make the sparks dance around -- isn't water attracted to the sparks (or the sparks to the water?)?

If you've found you can move them -- you might be able to move water with that "energy", or with those "sparks".....
I figure, everyone should be able to -- as soon as they realize their body made up of a large percentage water.... With that in mind -- how do you already translate an impulse out of your body, into a body movement?
You'd have to move the water outside your body in the same way you'd move your body itself -- same type of impulse from your consciousness.

"As above, so below -- As within, so without"

Listening to me describe this, Reminds me of hearing about "fly ash".
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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